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Ok- so- spoiler alert if you intended on watching Twin Peaks and haven’t gotten around to it… but- now I know how the viewers of the original run must have felt after the finale of the show over 25 years ago. At first, I thought I didn’t like the ending, but actually, now, I realize that the brilliance of the episode was that it told us some things, and wrapped up some loose ends, but you still have the mystery of “what did Laura whisper to Dale this time?” last time (in the original show) it was “My father killed me” which he didn’t remember for most of the show… we also have the mystery of where Audrey is and what’s going on with her. we have the whole thing with Naido being Diane- and that whole odd scene where him and Diane go to a motel and while he (I assume) is getting the key, Diane sees another Diane… who disappears shortly before Dale emerges. In the morning, Dale wakes up and Diane is gone- and there’s a note on the table, it’s essentially a “Dear John…” letter… but it says the letter is to Richard – the writer is Linda. In the first episode, The Fireman said, “Remember 430- Richard and Linda” they’d driven 430 miles from Twin Peaks to a place. Once they drove through it, it went from being light outside to dark. Weird… And oddly- in the morning, when Dale finds the letter, he goes outside and it’s a totally different hotel. And there’s a totally different car outside. I always thought that Richard referred to Richard Horne… but either we were all wrong, or this is some weird alternate reality. And then there’s the whole thing with the Palmer house… and with Dale finding “Laura” who is going by the name of Carrie… and there’s some dead guy in the house… And then there’s the whole thing where Laura/ Carrie doesn’t recognize the name “Laura Palmer” or that her father’s name is Leland and her mom’s name is Sarah… she thinks Washington refers to Washington -the city and not the State…Then, she doesn’t seem to recognize the Palmer house… but after the weird interaction with the lady of the house- who isn’t Sarah Palmer BTW, Dale and “Laura” go back outside and take a look at the house. Dale looks confused and says, “What year is it?” and “Laura” doesn’t answer… but then she hears someone yell, “Laura” inside the house, or perhaps inside her memory- and she screams bloody murder- the house then goes from lit up to dark. Completely baffling. And the credit sequence has the video of Laura whispering in Dale’s ear her secret from part 1- but it’s silent. We never hear what she says. I think the “What year is it?” thing is important. I wonder if even the “real” Diane was never real, or if she’s also some other Lodge figure… We sort of figured out who Judy is but- not really. We never figured out the significance of the glass box and the Experiment…Also- did we ever actually see the crew go to Jack Rabbit’s Palace again? No- not to my knowledge… I know Mr. C went to the place and got placed at the Sheriff’s station instead of the White Lodge… and we saw Major Briggs and the Fireman hanging out there, watching Mr. C go to the spot and physically moving him to the sheriff’s station…. so peculiar. I love it though… I hope we get an announcement that there’s another few episodes in the can for another time… or a movie…. or books… really anything… I’m so curious… I know it’s been said that a 4th season of Twin Peaks is unlikely, but I’m hoping that is not so just based on this episode.


Parts 17 and 18 of Twin Peaks: The Return

So, yeah- The Return Ends with Puzzling Twists and Turns.

Just like Twin Peaks…

It was like he (Cooper) saved Laura, but he didn’t. He saved her from one fate, but another seems to be lurking around the corner…

Is it possible that Laura was a force of light- and that he death, while it changed the town, maybe not for the better- it was, at the time, a unifying force to the town… and now that she no longer dies to BOB/ her father, Leland- it has completely changed the very fabric of the universe- at least of this small town? It seems like this change changes the town of Twin Peaks… the double R seems to be closed and someone else owns the Palmer House.  I thought it was interesting that the people who owned it before- according to this statement by the lady of the house- is that Tremont is the last name of the person they bought the house from… who of course is the lady with the grandson- at least, a relative of theirs.  The weird thing is that the woman keeps asking the guy (seemingly) behind the door to tell her all this stuff, and we never see him… Jess thought maybe he was Charlie- Audrey’s “Husband”. I don’t know how that came up, but at this point, anything is possible.

I am also curious about the whole red room scene where Cooper sees the Evolution of the Arm and it starts to say a lot of the things it said before… but also, it says, “Is it the story of the little girl who lived down the lane?  Is it?” which is what Audrey said in part 13.  I think that’s interesting because Charlie says, “do I have to end your story too?”

Of course, there’s also the weird talking head moments in the Twin Peaks sheriff’s station.  Still don’t quite know what that means…

Going forward, I almost think that there has to be another season… but I could be totally wrong… either way, my brain is practically broken.

I sort of think that since we saw there was something with Sarah Palmer back in part 14, that it has a lot of bearing on what ended up happening.  It’s possible that when Cooper saved Laura from going with Leo, Jean Michel, and Ronette – that in present day, Sarah Palmer was triggered, and began smashing the picture of Laura with a broken bottle. The way she did this reminded me of the way the Experiment killed Sam and Tracey in part 1… There’s also the matter where Cooper was at the Dutchman’s with Philip Gerrard- and spoke to Philip Jefferies.  When he was on the stairs, the Jumping Man ran the other way. I think that since we saw Sarah Palmer’s face super-imposed over the face of the Jumping Man- it’s safe to say that seeing the real Cooper put her/ him on guard and caused Sarah Palmer to go nuts, stabbing the picture over and over effectively causes Fire Walk with Me Laura to scream and disappear just like she did in the Red Room after she whispered to Cooper.  And perhaps this is a clue to the mystery?  Remember back to the moment in the original series when Laura told Dale that her father killed her.  She didn’t disappear from the Lodge then.  But whatever she told Dale that puzzled him so much and led up to her flying out of the Lodge- had to be something that someone or something didn’t want her to reveal… Perhaps both her parents abused her in some way.  Perhaps BOB was a manifestation of another part of Sarah’s mind… Perhaps Leland was a manifestation.  He killed Laura and Maddy which is perhaps what The Experiment/ Judy/ Sarah/Jumping Man wanted?

Another interesting thing about this idea is the fact that when Cooper and “Laura” arrive at the Palmer house, the person who lives there isn’t Sarah or Leland-  it’s Alice Tremont who purchased the house from a Mrs. Chalfont.  These two last names are the names of the grandmother with the boy who wears the suit.  The weird thing is that the grandson wears a mask with a horn in the middle like the Jumping Man.  Is that to mock the Jumping Man?  Is that as a warning?  We see that Laura received a picture from the old lady and her grandson that would look nice on her wall… we see her walk through it into the Dutchman’s in Fire Walk with Me… and she has that dream about Annie telling her that the Good Dale is in the Lodge and can’t come out- to write it in her diary… (I break in here to say that we found 3 out of 4 missing pages from Laura’s Secret Diary in the Return…).  When Cooper and “Laura” arrived at the old Palmer house, and didn’t find Sarah- but instead this Alice Tremont- that this was a hint to Cooper that Laura shouldn’t be returned to Sarah because Sarah is dangerous- or perhaps, that she always has been… Perhaps this alternate reality is a way of subverting the plot of whatever spirit invoked this disturbance in the Force… the fact that Cooper says, “What year is this?” reminds me of Back to the Future part 2 where Marty returns to 1985 from 2015 but old Biff has time traveled and altered the course of history which lands Marty, Doc and Einstein into an Alternate 1985.  Nothing is the same, and only when they discover the date of young Biff’s acquisition of the Sports Almanac, and burn the book does the timeline return to normal.

Perhaps, when Dale asks the question,” what year is it?” and “Laura” stares at the house, then screams bloody murder after hearing Sarah Palmer calling out, “Laura!” from the pilot episode- “Laura” remembers who she is and perhaps recalls the secret she told Cooper in Part 1.

I know we’re going to be debating this until the end of time, or until the time where we get more episodes, or a movie or book- (but if we do, I suspect we’ll be left with more questions than answers again.)

But, I am SO there.  100%…



Twin Peaks: The Return, Part 16

Twin Peaks, Part 14

Part 2:

I like that early on in this episode, we got to see Chad get arrested.  I know a lot of people really despised him- with good reason…

At the very beginning of the episode, we got Albert schooling Tammy on the origins of the Blue Rose Task Force… Cole and Jefferies were investigating a case and were coming to arrest someone named Lois Duffy.  They heard a gunshot coming from inside- and Lois was on the floor dying from a gunshot in the abdomen.  As she was dying, she said the words, “I am like the blue rose.” And she expired.  The woman who did the shooting dropped the gun, and they noticed that she looked exactly like Lois Duffy.  Albert points out that Lois didn’t have a twin sister… She swore that she didn’t commit the crime, and before she got to trial, she hanged herself.  As a test, Albert asks Tammy what the one questions she should ask him is… She says, “What is the significance of the blue rose?” he tells her to answer it and she says, “A blue rose does not occur in nature.  It’s not a natural thing. The dying woman was not natural. Conjured. What’s the word?  A tulpa.”

Apparently, she’s passed the test.  Albert says, “Good” and then Gordon comes in, informing them that it’s coffee time!

I think it’s quite interesting that when Cole talked to the Sherriff- that there was no mention of odd happenings, or the room key that mysteriously appeared back at the Great Northern… Or even of the fact that they found some stuff that Major Briggs left. It seems like there should have been a longer conversation between the two… but anyway…

When the Twin Peaks Sherriff’s Department heads off to Jack Rabbit’s Palace, it’s a truly interesting turn of events… it heads us into the sort of Episode 8/ Episode 11 weirdness that we love about Twin Peaks.

We find out that Jack Rabbit’s Palace is a tree trunk that looks like it’s been struck by lightning. It sort of reminds me and others of the weird castle in the beginning of the Return- with the purple ocean…

We’re assuming that Purple Ocean Space Castle thing is the White Lodge where the Fireman lives- but we don’t 100% know that- it’s just an intuitive leap.

What happens next sort of makes that a little more probable… Bobby, Hawk, Sherriff Truman, and Andy put some soil in their pockets before leaving and heading 253 yards east of there as Major Briggs’ note said to do.  Actually, Andy is the one who reminds them to do this… which may speak to this next scene…

Once they get to the spot, smoke/fog appears and at 2:53, they see Naido from the scenes in the Purple room who is missing her eyes.  She is lying in the woods- unclothed- and it looks like her face has either been mutilated, or she was trying to rip away the skin to reveal her eyes- so she could see?  (I have no idea).  Andy takes her hand, and seems to comfort her… and eventually, a portal opens up- similar to the vortex we saw in Buckhorn with Gordon and Albert where they saw the Woodsmen on the stairs… but instead of having a dark spot at the end of the tunnel, they see a bright light… And Andy disappears from the woods and appears in the black and white room we saw Cooper sitting down in early on in the series… The Giant- or as we now know he calls himself, The Fireman… He raises his hand in greeting and then some weird box appears in Andy’s lap.  It has smoke coming out of it, and it calls attention to the ceiling where there’s some kind of skylight/ tray with fancy patterns carved into it (someone pointed out that it reminded them of silent movies and that fancy calligraphed lines and flourishes on the sides or on the bottom, framing the text).  And Andy sees a sort of clip show.  He sees the Experiment in the box- then the part from the Episode “Gotta Light” where the Experiment is spewing forth a stream of stuff including the Glob of BOB and the speckled eggs which contain the weird frog-moth things… He sees 2 Coopers… He sees Laura Palmer flanked by angels, and that girl screaming and running from the pilot episode.  He sees the Woodsman from Part 8 saying, “Gotta Light?” He also sees the Woodsmen milling around the convenience store.  He sees himself from before- comforting Naido… then there’s a weird scene with Andy guiding Lucy somewhere and then letting her go on ahead.  That is one of the more perplexing parts of this weird vision. We haven’t seen this footage yet- so it has to be something we’ll see later…

One of the last things we see is the telephone pole with the 6 on it… that is the telephone pole that was at the intersection where Richard Horne plowed into the little boy. In the part of the scene where we see the phone- I am curious what the significance is of that object… I am also interested by the telephone pole and what the deeper meaning is behind it- since we’ve been shown that pole several times in all of Twin Peaks… But anyway- once Andy is finished watching the video, he looks a bit horrified, but it seems to make sense to him.  Then, he disappears from the Lodge and before he reappears at Jack Rabbit’s Palace, we see the other three men he came with milling about in that same way that the Woodsmen were in Episode 8… And when Andy reappears, it’s like all the time-lapse-looking images of Truman, Hawk, and Bobby go back to their normal appearance. It’s just them and Andy- in physical form… Andy is holding Naido.  He is holding her in his arms and he’s wrapped her up in his jacket. He tells the rest of the gang that they have to get her down the mountain because she’s very important and lots of people want her dead. As they’re walking away, Hawk and Truman share a moment where they say that they don’t remember what happened.

They go back to the station and Lucy gives Naido a bathrobe and they lock her in the cell for safekeeping.  Chad is in a jail cell and is spewing insults on Andy.  Naido starts making this clicking, squeaking noise.  There’s this guy in a cell credited as “Drunk” who starts mimicking everything Naido is doing, and repeats what Andy and Chad say… it’s a really weird scene.  Many people speculate that the man in the cell is Billy.  He is drooling blood or something… and perhaps his finger might be damaged too? The stuff on the floor doesn’t quite look like blood though- which is weird… and the guy has this like hole in his face- it’s really messed up… and his constant repeating of everything people say reminds me and others of Dougie Coop.

Then we have a truly troubling scene at Elk’s Point Bar #9… Sarah Palmer orders a Bloody Mary.  Some trucker starts coming onto her.  She politely tells him to mind his own business.  He gets mad and says that she wasn’t being very polite. She says it wasn’t meant to be polite.  He is now belligerent. He says some truly awful things that I won’t repeat here… but it implies that she eats people…  whatever…

We see next, a haunting and frightening thing that had me mimicking the clerk at the grocery store where Sarah had shopped for liquor and cigarettes, “What??!!” pronounced like, “Wuuuuuuut?!”


She touches her face and opens it as we saw Laura do in the Red Room early on in this season.  But instead of the light we saw in Laura’s open face; we see darkness and smoke… We see a hand with a darkened spiritual finger which implies evil.  And a voice like Sarah’s says, “Do you really want to _______ with this?” and a creepy Cheshire Cat-like smile appears , then something others have described as Pinchers come out and rip the guy’s throat out… blood was gushing… it was so disgusting, but to be honest, I thought it was a great moment (I know- that’s messed up).  And the guy falls over, dying.  Sarah puts her face back on and screams at the horror in front of her… she genuinely seems shocked and scared… the Bartender comes over and discovers the man… he becomes suspicious of her and asks if she had something to do with it- and says that she was just sitting her with her drink and the guy just fell over… the bartender says, “With half his neck missing?” In the meantime, he calls to someone to call 911- they’ve got a dead one at the bar…

Also- before we leave this scene of horror; Sarah says at the end- in a sly, measured voice, “sure is a mystery, isn’t it?”

Yeah, Sarah- it is… Thanks for the nightmares.


I have no idea what this means to the large picture, but for now, I am thinking that she’s either possessed by a Black Lodge Entity, or she’s an evil doppelganger… or perhaps, although I doubt it- she could be the frog/moth girl…


James and his friend Freddie are working at the Great Northern as security guards… James goes by Jimmy, or at least, that’s what Freddie calls him. Apparently, it’s Jimmy’s birthday and so Freddie tells him a story.  Freddie- when the scene opened, he was wearing a green glove and James asks him about it, Freddie says it’s pretty out there, but finally agrees once James says its his birthday.

In his Cockney accent, Freddie says that he used to hang around in bars and party too much, and then one day was struck by how empty his life was and how he wasn’t helping anyone… He leaves the bar and goes walking in the alley he always used to travel home.  There were boxes stacked up and Freddie decides to climb them… eventually, he floats up and gets pulled into what we’re calling the White Lodge through a vortex- and he meets the Fireman who tells him to go to a hardware store and go to a certain aisle where there would be boxes of green gloves for household work.  Some boxes would be open and others closed.  He would find a single glove to go on the right hand and he was to buy it.  He takes it up to the counter and tries to buy it and the clerk won’t sell it to him.  They go back and forth- and finally, Freddie just slaps his money on the counter and walks away with the glove, putting it on.  The clerk chases after him and Freddie punches him, and says that he feared he’d- as he puts it, “snapped his Gregory” which is apparently slang for “neck” referring to Gregory Peck- get it?  “Peck”/ “Neck”…

After this incident, he goes home and goes to sleep.  He says that when he woke up, he went about his normal business and quotes a Beatles song “A Day in the Life” and then goes back to his story.  He remembered that the Fireman said he was to go to Twin Peaks, Washington- United States of America and there he’d find his destiny…  He can’t take the glove off- otherwise he begins to bleed.  Apparently, he’s been like this for 6 months…

Anyway- when he goes to purchase a ticket to fly across- one has already been purchased for him… and now, here he is… James just says, “Wow.”

Another thing I want to point out before I move on is the fact that before Freddie tells his weird Superhero Origin Story, him and James talk about finishing their shift and going to the Roadhouse.  Apparently the girl who was crying- all emotional about James’ performance of “Just You and I” on stage… her name is Renee and she’s married… sigh… people in Twin Peaks just can’t be monogamous… anyway- moving on…

James goes down to the basement of the Great Northern to check the furnace.  We begin to hear the weird humming that Ben and Beverly were hearing a few episodes back… It gets louder as he walks further.  Eventually, we see a door, and of course, he walks to it- but we don’t see him open it… I heard people say in their recaps that it reminded them of that scene in the international TV movie of the pilot which had a different ending… demon BOB is just a guy named Bob who’s a murderer… he’s in a basement of the hospital/ morgue… and Mike kills him.  What is behind this door at the Great Northern however, I don’t know….

Next, there’s a scene at the Roadhouse- and we get another bunch of random people talking about vaguely familiar-sounding random people.  I’m beginning to think these scenes aren’t as random as they appear… and that they are probably important.

There’s a chick named Megan on the left, and a chick named Sophie on the right. They start talking about the infamous “Billy” who is still missing.  Megan tells Sophie that her and her mom saw Billy just before he went missing. He jumped over a 6-foot fence and burst into their house, blood pouring out of his nose and mouth… he looked at them and he ran out.  She can’t remember if her uncle was there or not. Here we have another mention of Billy- and another mention of a mysterious “Uncle” who may or may not have been present, or who someone hasn’t seen in a long time…

Sophie seems to not quite believe all this and asks a weird question. “What is your mom’s name?”

Megan hesitates and then says, “Tina.”

Ah- Tina… who Charlie apparently called in part 12.  She was supposed to be the last one to see Billy.

I sort of had the feeling- like many others- that Megan was about to say her mom’s name was “Audrey” (not sure why)- but then she said “Tina”, and Sophie gives her this weird look. Its almost like she knows that Megan is either lying, or confused, or perhaps- maybe Sophie knows something about Megan and Tina that Megan doesn’t know?

It sure is a mystery…

To point out- earlier in the episode- we see Chad, and when Naido and the Drunk are making their weird animal noises, Chad calls the jail a Nuthouse.

The girls at the Roadhouse also make mention of a nuthouse.

Others had the feeling after seeing Audrey in parts 12 and 13 that she was perhaps in an institution because of the weird way her and Charlie are speaking to one another… and her whole demeanor.  In part 13, she says “it’s like Ghostwood here” and that she feels like she’s somewhere else and that she’s someone else… very strange…

On an odd note- when Sophie is questioning Megan about Tina- that whole, “What is your mom’s name?” reminds me of two things right off the bat.  1. When Bill Hastings is recounting his Search for the Zone and coming into the place where Briggs was- he says there were a bunch of people there and someone asked him what his wife’s name was and he said her name was Phyllis.

  1. another is in this episode where Jefferies points to Cooper and asks Gordon, “who do you think that is there?”

I actually just thought of another one…3. At the beginning of the Return, before Laura pulls her face off, Dale Cooper in the Red Room asks her who she is and she says, “I am Laura Palmer”

He replies, “But you’re dead.”

And she tells him, “I am dead.  Yet, I live.”

And that’s when she pulls her face off and we see the bright white light.  Then, I believe, she gets up, goes over to him and whispers in his ear just like she did in the original series.  We don’t know what she says, but it horrifies Dale. Then, she gets sucked out of the Lodge and hasn’t been seen since- except in a flashback in episode 10, and of course, her homecoming picture.

Anyway…. My thoughts are jumbled, but I am really curious about Sarah Palmer…

I remember that when Agent Cooper was trying to get out of the Lodge, he couldn’t get out at first, but he walked into a room and saw Leland Palmer with white hair who said, “find Laura.”

What is up with this family?!

And what is the deal with Billy?  I sort of think it isn’t him in the jail cell because if he’s there- then he wouldn’t be missing.  I think he’s either a new character, or that he’s the man credited as Farmer.

I can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode…


Section 1

So- I almost don’t even know what to say! This was so insanely cool and awesome, and also terrifying and strange.

It’s hard to know where to begin.

Do we want to just begin at the beginning?  Might be a very good place to start.

So- we open this episode with Gordon calling the Twin Peaks Sheriff’s Station and talks to Lucy and Frank Truman… next, Tammy is learning about the Blue Rose Task Force from Albert.

We find out that apparently Diane is half-sisters with Janey-E- which makes sense because of the E at the end of Janey, and Diane’s last name is Evans…

They are estranged. Why does Diane hate her? Also, Diane is wearing the same outfit as she was in part 12…. I think that’s close to one of the scenes where someone asks her, “Las Vegas” and she says, “They haven’t asked yet.”

Some people wonder if Diane was either lying about Janey-E being her half-sister, which I suppose is a possibility- but that seems like an odd thing to lie about because the FBI could obviously confirm or deny that…



Cole calls the Las Vegas office.  He tells them to be on the lookout for Douglas Jones and his wife…

He then tells everyone about his newest Monica Bellucci dream. And this dream is pretty freakin’ interesting.

They met at a café in Paris.  Monica was pleasant and brought friends.  Cooper was also there, but Gordon couldn’t see his face. Cooper doesn’t say anything.

They all have a coffee and Monica folds her hands in a weird way and eventually says, “We’re like the dreamer who dreams- then lives inside a dream.” Gordon says he understands and she adds, “But who is the dreamer?”

He feels uneasy

Then she indicates for Gordon to look behind him, and he does- he sees himself from Fire Walk With Me (in monochrome).  Cooper comes up to him and says he was nervous about that day because of a dream he had.  And Gordon says that it was the day when Philip Jefferies “appeared but didn’t appear.” And later says, “while Jefferies was apparently there- he raised his arm and pointed at Cooper.”

Jefferies says, “Who do you think that is there?” in a drawl.  Cooper looks freaked out (understandably so). Gordon says that he’d forgotten all about that incident, but now he’s remembering… Albert says he’s starting to remember that too.

What I take from this is that Gordon dreamt of Cooper telling him about a dream he was concerned about- and then Jefferies appeared-points to Cooper and asks Gordon who he thinks Cooper is- eventually he vanishes. Who is the dreamer?  Well…Gordon has a dream which references another dream… So, is Cooper the dreamer?  Or is Gordon?  Or is Jefferies?  Someone else?

Whoever is the dreamer- we can have a certain idea that Jefferies- possibly when he visited the meeting above the convenience store- or perhaps if and when he time traveled or teleported- he saw Mr. C, or Dougie and knfirewalkwithme.pngew that there was duality with this character like the Blue Rose cases…

More of My Favorite Things

Thoughts on Episode 11 of Twin Peaks


You will see below my attempt at piecing together episode 8.  I think I did alright- all things considered.

Since then, we’ve had 2 episodes- Episode 9: This is the Chair which was pretty cool, and much easier to comprehend; and this past Sunday, we had Episode 10: Laura is the One which is cool and while it answers questions, it actually brings more up.



A thought on Showtime’s TWIN PEAKS: The Return
Since this week, there wasn’t a new Twin Peaks, I just wanted to share with you my thoughts on the new series.

And yes, I know that this has nothing to do with Star Wars… it’s just another thing I like.

So far, it’s pretty darn good.  Of course, due to the nature of the show, it’s a little hard to follow at times, and there are a lot of moments that have viewers scratching their heads- trying to figure out what’s going on. I will piece together things from 2 episodes ago once I see the new episode.  I am glad that there are so many other people who have a thing for the trippy show- because they post pictures and clips and I suddenly remember, “Oh!  There’s a black and white scene with Cooper in a chair- that sort of reminds me of the place where the giant was in Ep 8…” (last week’s episode)

From watching the last episode- I get the feeling that the phenomenon that’s going on in this set of episodes could possibly be some kind of harvesting of souls… (?)

We saw a bomb go off in the forties- and seriously there was shot after shot of the bomb and fire, and what looks like white noise- and all kinds of trippy stuff… and at one point we see this service station and these “people” are walking- sort of seems like it’s on a time lapse over the course of a few nights or weeks or whatever… and then we go to the 50s and see a service station with this guy and girl walking by- perhaps just came from a date (to be honest, it sort of reminded me of the Thriller music video at the beginning).  It looks a lot like the service station from before (probably is?).

We see this old “man” go up to this car and say, “Got a light?” a few times and the people look freaked out, but they drive away. Oddly enough, later on, he goes to that radio station and kills the receptionist, then goes into the broadcast room and is like crushing the guy’s head (or something that looks like it)- he says something creepy over and over again into the microphone and some lady cleaning a diner drops dead, as does a mechanic in an auto shop… And then the girl from before gets home and she falls asleep (?) and this flying frog thing crawls in her mouth (really disgusting). {Author’s note: I shivered with revulsion as I wrote that last line.}

Of course, I also want to point out that when Bad Cooper drives out to the middle of nowhere – Ray shoots the Bad Cooper and then all of a sudden these ghosts come out of nowhere and look either like they’re mutilating him or trying to revive him (at first anyway).  Ray is all freaked out- and when it appears the Bad Cooper is dead, he gets in the car and drives away.  He makes a call to someone which implies that he knows something about the supernatural events we’ve become aware of.  But I remember that he says, “I think he’s dead” but then says that if he isn’t- he’ll come for him.

I was on the edge of my seat that whole time.

Then I come to the part with the Giant. There’s some lady in a fancy gown sitting down.

A siren or alarm sounds, and then the Giant comes after a moment or two longer than what’s comfortable (in pure Lynchian fashion).  He turns the alarm off and then goes up a bunch of stairs. (I break in here because my sister and I thought it looked eerily similar to the house in Psycho… just saying…) The Giant goes to this room that looks like a theater or screening room, and sees the bomb, and the sac thing with serial killer BOB’s face in it. (I shiver at the thought).

He sees that service station with all the “people” walking by in time lapse, and then there’s this light in the upper right hand corner and he goes to a certain spot and gets sort of sucked up to it, and it’s like he’s shrinking.  Eventually, he disappears and there’s this ball thing (which looks like a crystal ball, or like a large one of those marble things we’ve seen in the new episodes)- and the lady with the evening gown catches it.  She sees in the ball the homecoming picture of Laura Palmer.

Remember now- this is in the black and white section- so this is YEARS before the events surrounding her death in the original series.

Another thing I want to point out before I close – is that someone posted a black and white shot of something in a room- and there was a picture in a frame of the bomb going off.  Gordon Cole has that same picture above his desk.

I’m also curious about one of the first episodes because the Good Cooper was stuck in the Black Lodge/ Red Room for 25 years- and Bad Cooper came out in his place.

In one of the episodes, Laura Palmer told Cooper he could come out now.  He tried and couldn’t- so he went back to the room, and I don’t know that he saw anything, so he tried to get out again and there was like this window thing and lots of water- and then it seemed like he was in that box we saw in the first episode, and eventually, he ended up in that apartment with the lady with no eyes and there was crackling of electricity and knocking on the door- he went over to this large outlet thing and the lady told him to follow her in that backwards/forwards speech common in Twin Peaks- they went up this ladder to this rooftop (?) and there was this large circuit breaker handle which she pulled down and got blown off the building. (Weird). He goes back down the ladder and it’s a different room that’s similar.  There’s a lady there who sort of looks like the first lady (but this one has eyes).  There is knocking and she tells him that he has to go- her mother is trying to get in (again- weird). So he ends up going through the large outlet thing and ends up in some random house in the place of Dougie who puked on the floor and vanished- appearing in the Red Room with the One-Armed-Man.

The One-Armed-Man says that he (Dougie) was manufactured. And then he (Dougie) begins to melt away and then his head “explodes” and he disappears leaving behind a ring and some marble thing.  The Good Cooper ends up leaving the house with this hooker and she notices him acting really weird, so she takes him to a casino and gives him money- telling him to call for help- he tries to do that but ends up gambling and winning lots of money.  When he goes home (to Dougie’s house), the wife is like, “Where have you been for 3 days?” and he doesn’t really answer- then she finds the money he won.

It becomes clear that he owes someone some dough.

Eventually, The-One-Armed-Man appears to Cooper telling him that he was tricked and he needs to come back-either he or his doppelganger must come in or die.

And there’s a lot more- but my real question is- if he wasn’t allowed out- why was he able to get out?

And who “manufactured” Dougie?  What does that even mean really?

Are the doppelgangers of Cooper actually the spirits of other people in the Red Room/Black Lodge?  Who knows?!

I am SO excited that there’s going to be a new episode next week!