Not What they seem

Twin Peaks, Part 14

Section 1

So- I almost don’t even know what to say! This was so insanely cool and awesome, and also terrifying and strange.

It’s hard to know where to begin.

Do we want to just begin at the beginning?  Might be a very good place to start.

So- we open this episode with Gordon calling the Twin Peaks Sheriff’s Station and talks to Lucy and Frank Truman… next, Tammy is learning about the Blue Rose Task Force from Albert.

We find out that apparently Diane is half-sisters with Janey-E- which makes sense because of the E at the end of Janey, and Diane’s last name is Evans…

They are estranged. Why does Diane hate her? Also, Diane is wearing the same outfit as she was in part 12…. I think that’s close to one of the scenes where someone asks her, “Las Vegas” and she says, “They haven’t asked yet.”

Some people wonder if Diane was either lying about Janey-E being her half-sister, which I suppose is a possibility- but that seems like an odd thing to lie about because the FBI could obviously confirm or deny that…



Cole calls the Las Vegas office.  He tells them to be on the lookout for Douglas Jones and his wife…

He then tells everyone about his newest Monica Bellucci dream. And this dream is pretty freakin’ interesting.

They met at a café in Paris.  Monica was pleasant and brought friends.  Cooper was also there, but Gordon couldn’t see his face. Cooper doesn’t say anything.

They all have a coffee and Monica folds her hands in a weird way and eventually says, “We’re like the dreamer who dreams- then lives inside a dream.” Gordon says he understands and she adds, “But who is the dreamer?”

He feels uneasy

Then she indicates for Gordon to look behind him, and he does- he sees himself from Fire Walk With Me (in monochrome).  Cooper comes up to him and says he was nervous about that day because of a dream he had.  And Gordon says that it was the day when Philip Jefferies “appeared but didn’t appear.” And later says, “while Jefferies was apparently there- he raised his arm and pointed at Cooper.”

Jefferies says, “Who do you think that is there?” in a drawl.  Cooper looks freaked out (understandably so). Gordon says that he’d forgotten all about that incident, but now he’s remembering… Albert says he’s starting to remember that too.

What I take from this is that Gordon dreamt of Cooper telling him about a dream he was concerned about- and then Jefferies appeared-points to Cooper and asks Gordon who he thinks Cooper is- eventually he vanishes. Who is the dreamer?  Well…Gordon has a dream which references another dream… So, is Cooper the dreamer?  Or is Gordon?  Or is Jefferies?  Someone else?

Whoever is the dreamer- we can have a certain idea that Jefferies- possibly when he visited the meeting above the convenience store- or perhaps if and when he time traveled or teleported- he saw Mr. C, or Dougie and knfirewalkwithme.pngew that there was duality with this character like the Blue Rose cases…

More of My Favorite Things


You will see below my attempt at piecing together episode 8.  I think I did alright- all things considered.

Since then, we’ve had 2 episodes- Episode 9: This is the Chair which was pretty cool, and much easier to comprehend; and this past Sunday, we had Episode 10: Laura is the One which is cool and while it answers questions, it actually brings more up.



A thought on Showtime’s TWIN PEAKS: The Return
Since this week, there wasn’t a new Twin Peaks, I just wanted to share with you my thoughts on the new series.

And yes, I know that this has nothing to do with Star Wars… it’s just another thing I like.

So far, it’s pretty darn good.  Of course, due to the nature of the show, it’s a little hard to follow at times, and there are a lot of moments that have viewers scratching their heads- trying to figure out what’s going on. I will piece together things from 2 episodes ago once I see the new episode.  I am glad that there are so many other people who have a thing for the trippy show- because they post pictures and clips and I suddenly remember, “Oh!  There’s a black and white scene with Cooper in a chair- that sort of reminds me of the place where the giant was in Ep 8…” (last week’s episode)

From watching the last episode- I get the feeling that the phenomenon that’s going on in this set of episodes could possibly be some kind of harvesting of souls… (?)

We saw a bomb go off in the forties- and seriously there was shot after shot of the bomb and fire, and what looks like white noise- and all kinds of trippy stuff… and at one point we see this service station and these “people” are walking- sort of seems like it’s on a time lapse over the course of a few nights or weeks or whatever… and then we go to the 50s and see a service station with this guy and girl walking by- perhaps just came from a date (to be honest, it sort of reminded me of the Thriller music video at the beginning).  It looks a lot like the service station from before (probably is?).

We see this old “man” go up to this car and say, “Got a light?” a few times and the people look freaked out, but they drive away. Oddly enough, later on, he goes to that radio station and kills the receptionist, then goes into the broadcast room and is like crushing the guy’s head (or something that looks like it)- he says something creepy over and over again into the microphone and some lady cleaning a diner drops dead, as does a mechanic in an auto shop… And then the girl from before gets home and she falls asleep (?) and this flying frog thing crawls in her mouth (really disgusting). {Author’s note: I shivered with revulsion as I wrote that last line.}

Of course, I also want to point out that when Bad Cooper drives out to the middle of nowhere – Ray shoots the Bad Cooper and then all of a sudden these ghosts come out of nowhere and look either like they’re mutilating him or trying to revive him (at first anyway).  Ray is all freaked out- and when it appears the Bad Cooper is dead, he gets in the car and drives away.  He makes a call to someone which implies that he knows something about the supernatural events we’ve become aware of.  But I remember that he says, “I think he’s dead” but then says that if he isn’t- he’ll come for him.

I was on the edge of my seat that whole time.

Then I come to the part with the Giant. There’s some lady in a fancy gown sitting down.

A siren or alarm sounds, and then the Giant comes after a moment or two longer than what’s comfortable (in pure Lynchian fashion).  He turns the alarm off and then goes up a bunch of stairs. (I break in here because my sister and I thought it looked eerily similar to the house in Psycho… just saying…) The Giant goes to this room that looks like a theater or screening room, and sees the bomb, and the sac thing with serial killer BOB’s face in it. (I shiver at the thought).

He sees that service station with all the “people” walking by in time lapse, and then there’s this light in the upper right hand corner and he goes to a certain spot and gets sort of sucked up to it, and it’s like he’s shrinking.  Eventually, he disappears and there’s this ball thing (which looks like a crystal ball, or like a large one of those marble things we’ve seen in the new episodes)- and the lady with the evening gown catches it.  She sees in the ball the homecoming picture of Laura Palmer.

Remember now- this is in the black and white section- so this is YEARS before the events surrounding her death in the original series.

Another thing I want to point out before I close – is that someone posted a black and white shot of something in a room- and there was a picture in a frame of the bomb going off.  Gordon Cole has that same picture above his desk.

I’m also curious about one of the first episodes because the Good Cooper was stuck in the Black Lodge/ Red Room for 25 years- and Bad Cooper came out in his place.

In one of the episodes, Laura Palmer told Cooper he could come out now.  He tried and couldn’t- so he went back to the room, and I don’t know that he saw anything, so he tried to get out again and there was like this window thing and lots of water- and then it seemed like he was in that box we saw in the first episode, and eventually, he ended up in that apartment with the lady with no eyes and there was crackling of electricity and knocking on the door- he went over to this large outlet thing and the lady told him to follow her in that backwards/forwards speech common in Twin Peaks- they went up this ladder to this rooftop (?) and there was this large circuit breaker handle which she pulled down and got blown off the building. (Weird). He goes back down the ladder and it’s a different room that’s similar.  There’s a lady there who sort of looks like the first lady (but this one has eyes).  There is knocking and she tells him that he has to go- her mother is trying to get in (again- weird). So he ends up going through the large outlet thing and ends up in some random house in the place of Dougie who puked on the floor and vanished- appearing in the Red Room with the One-Armed-Man.

The One-Armed-Man says that he (Dougie) was manufactured. And then he (Dougie) begins to melt away and then his head “explodes” and he disappears leaving behind a ring and some marble thing.  The Good Cooper ends up leaving the house with this hooker and she notices him acting really weird, so she takes him to a casino and gives him money- telling him to call for help- he tries to do that but ends up gambling and winning lots of money.  When he goes home (to Dougie’s house), the wife is like, “Where have you been for 3 days?” and he doesn’t really answer- then she finds the money he won.

It becomes clear that he owes someone some dough.

Eventually, The-One-Armed-Man appears to Cooper telling him that he was tricked and he needs to come back-either he or his doppelganger must come in or die.

And there’s a lot more- but my real question is- if he wasn’t allowed out- why was he able to get out?

And who “manufactured” Dougie?  What does that even mean really?

Are the doppelgangers of Cooper actually the spirits of other people in the Red Room/Black Lodge?  Who knows?!

I am SO excited that there’s going to be a new episode next week!