Yoda and Palpatine

This is just a short little blurb- a thought from a few years ago.

in 2011,  I was watching Revenge of the Sith and my sister came home about half-way through. She wondered if Yoda really couldn’t defeat the Emperor or if he chose to let him off easy to teach Vader a lesson…
I tend to think that he really couldn’t defeat him… After all, Mace came with three other Jedi Masters and none of them ended up defeating Palpatine…
Of course, Mace ended up dying when Anakin came into the picture and was tricked (sort of) into thinking that the Emperor was really being killed by Mace; and so he stopped Mace by cutting off his hand. (It is, after all, a Star Wars movie). And after that act of betrayal, Palpatine unleashed Force Lightening on Windu who fell to his death.
If we choose to delve any deeper into this situation, I think it boils down to the fact that it wasn’t Yoda’s destiny to defeat the Emperor… We notice that years later, Darth Vader has a change of heart. He is struck by the horror of what the Emperor is doing to his son, and decides to end the madness, killing Palpatine by throwing him into the open chasm- the evil man’s lightening enveloping Vader as he lifts Palpatine in the air… Anakin was the Chosen One and it was his destiny to kill Palpatine… And he did. To me, it’s that simple… so as strong in the Force as Yoda was- he couldn’t defeat the Emperor.


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