Just a question…

Why do you think in the world of Star Wars with laser swords and blasters and ships that travel at hyper-speed to different planets like it’s a trip to the mall- that Padme didn’t “Find out” that she was having twins until they were born?  Just curious.  It’s always something I’ve been mulling over…

Another thing that strikes me as odd with the timeline of Episode 3 is that it seems to take place over a few days- but how far along was she when she gave birth?  In the book, it implies that her and Anakin hadn’t seen each other in about 5 months.  The question I bring up is mainly for the purpose of making sense of the timeline… On Polis Massa when the twins are born, they don’t seem premature to me… Of course, there’s the whole matter of us knowing that Obi-Wan took Padme to Polis Massa and Bail and Yoda went there at some point, whether they got there before Obi-Wan brought Padme- or after- I don’t know that it actually matters (It might be in the book and I’m just blanking out…)- but eventually, we learn that Padme is dying and shortly after, the twins are born.  Meanwhile… the Emperor is having Vader’s myriad injuries looked at and having cybernetic organs and appendages constructed- and a life support system readied for Darth Vader’s charred body… It seems like a few minutes as you’re watching it- but I have never really gotten a sense of how long he was even there…

If anyone knows a canon or even non-canon explanation, let me know…


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