How It Could Have Been: Happy Ending.

Blogger’s Disclaimer: I did not draw the picture you see above.  I found it on Pinterest… I can’t draw to save my life. I WISH I had drawn this because it’s adorable- but alas no…

Moving On…

I see a lot of fan art with how life could have been if Anakin hadn’t turned to the Dark Side, and him and Padme were able to go to Naboo and have the twins there.


The art tends to show trips to the beach, (it’s ironic) and Anakin teaching the kids how to levitate balls with the Force… or other generally blissful scenes.

How they’d get to this point however is a bit of a departure from the story we know.  In the real story, Anakin is pulled in all kinds of directions, begins to snap, and because he thinks that the only way to save his wife is to go along with Palpatine, he betrays the Order and kills them, then kills the Separatist leaders on Mustafar.

He duels Obi-Wan and loses- falling into the molten sand and must be rebuilt as Darth Vader, needing life support.

He also needed to relearn how to do things he once found commonplace- such as walking and fighting with a lightsaber.

People and beings are afraid of him and he is told he’s lost everything.

Years later he is redeemed through his love for his son.

In these happy “How it could have been” scenarios- things would have had to be drastically different.


Obviously, we know that Anakin would have to not turn to the Dark Side.

Anakin would have to realize that his dreams about Padme dying in childbirth were just dreams.

More than likely. He would have to come to the knowledge that Palpatine was the Sith Lord, and works towards ending his reign- and by default, any plans he had in mind for Anakin.

I would say he would have to come clean about his marriage to Padme and about their blessed event. I think Obi-Wan would be sensible.

I believe he already knew that they were involved.

If Anakin would have done this, then there would be no need for him to be so secretive and he could have honestly asked for advice – and said advice would actually help him.  This advice would probably come from Kenobi who knew Anakin best, and would know how to reach out and get through to him.

Since Obi-Wan was a Master, he would have access to the Jedi texts that Anakin really wanted to see in the Episode 3 novel. (This wasn’t really mentioned in the movie- which might take away from the distress and anger of Anakin not being made a master after the Chancellor puts him on the Council.  He thought that he would become a Master and his problems would be solved.  In an odd way- this part of the story sort of tore at my heart.

While Anakin desperately trying to save Padme from dying wasn’t Jedi-like at all, and psychologically- wasn’t healthy; we know how Anakin is.  With him wanting to become a Master so he could go and look at the ancient texts and study them was actually somewhat admirable.  And near the end, when Anakin leaves the Chancellor’s office after finding out that he’s the Sith lord- him going to the Temple and telling Windu about what he’s discovered is what “a good Jedi” would have done.  In this case, however- it was not the best option because from what we now know- Palpatine had laid a trap and Windu played his part just the way Palpatine hoped and knew he would.  Under the guise of just arresting Palpatine- Mace had probably come to the realization that the courts would side with the Chancellor and not with the Jedi- so he felt that killing the man was what had to be done.  Unfortunately, the Chancellor knew he’d react this way and planned for it.  He cued a recording device that only recorded sounds and not images.  He purposely phrased things so it would sound like the Jedi were threatening him and being traitors.  He had all this laid out before-hand which really is most impressive.


Anyway… if Anakin was honest with at least Obi-Wan, then perhaps the two of them could research dreams and their meanings, or the ancient Sith power Palpatine spoke of at the opera house.  In this scenario, Anakin wouldn’t need the Chancellor’s knowledge even if he was still hung up on the whole “my dream is literal and Padme is really going to die if I don’t find the power to save her” thing.


I find it entirely plausible that if he admitted the truth to Obi-Wan, that everything could have been fine.  If the Jedi had been a little more understanding about Anakin’s situation in life, that would have made a world of difference.  That was one of the main things that led to all the stress in his life according to the normal timeline.

Even if the Jedi decided that he would be expelled, then Anakin would obviously be upset, but he couldn’t say he didn’t know that was a possibility when he married Padmè- so if the worst thing happened then, he’d probably go to Naboo with Padmè and they’d raise their children… they’d do what Padmè suggested the night after he found out that they were expecting.  And while Anakin might be upset over the Council’s decision, he may have been a little less angsty- especially if the Jedi were calm about the matter and didn’t freak out.  Of course, this then brings up the point of Anakin’s destiny as the Chosen One… perhaps something would draw the Jedi nearer to discovering Palpatine’s true identity, or maybe the Chancellor would approach Anakin knowing that he’d been expelled from the Jedi Order.  If Palpatine approached him for that reason, Anakin would probably be a little surprised, and maybe a little suspicious considering the timing of the Chancellor’s request.  And if it came to that, and he knew the Chancellor was up to no good; Anakin might perhaps inform the Jedi, or he might dispatch the man… I honestly don’t know how that would play out.  He’d fulfill his destiny a different way.

But, if the story went the other way and the Jedi were actually understanding of Anakin’s situation and agreed to keep him there at the Temple, and acknowledged that Anakin and Padmè were good together or something… then, since they knew about Anakin’s marriage and about their blessed event, the Jedi would obviously want to have the twins trained in the Force at the Temple… Since Anakin’s stress level would be decreased, he’d be able to focus more on the whole thing with Palpatine and his plans… perhaps he might see that the Chancellor was up to something and come to the realization that the man needed to be taken care of and that just putting him on trial was not going to be enough since apparently, he is the senate.

Once the Chancellor was taken care of, the Force would feel lighter and Anakin would feel a lot more at ease with the world and with his own self.  He would still have his family, and Obi-Wan as a friend… and the Republic would elect a new Chancellor who would more than likely try to put things back into place and try to make things better.  Perhaps the Jedi would realize that they needed to change and improve.


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