A Note About the Star Wars Classic Trilogy

Blogger’s Note: It ended up just being a downright terrible day yesterday, so I didn’t write anything when I got home- but I hope you’re not too mad… I DID go ahead and set a few posts on my social media just in case I didn’t get around to writing anything yesterday…But I hope you have been enjoying these little recap/ thoughts on the 7 episodes and 1 anthology film out of our favorite saga.
There is just something about this set of movies that’s so iconic. From the blue opening line of A Long Time Ago, In a Galaxy Far, Far Away… to the opening yellow title and the scrolling text in space, it’s so different than any other set of films. I can’t exactly say for certain what draws me to these films, but I think it’s just the magic of these movies. As I mentioned in my individual notes for the movies, I mentioned the archetypal characters we meet and the story of epic and mythical proportions. That’s why I think it’s funny that Rey in The Force Awakens says of Luke, “I thought he was a myth.” And she thought Han’s Kessel Run was 14 parsecs and not 12. Even within the Star Wars universe, myths and legends have arisen which is so cool and almost speaks to how great this set of films is.
I enjoy the character growth we see in the characters throughout these films. We see epic battles, and experience the struggles of the characters. Even though younger viewers have seen the prequels- and therefore- know the things that are secrets to our main characters in the old trilogy, we can still relate when they learn these revelations because we know that they are hearing it for the first time.
I think that while the special effects might not seem as impressive nowadays, they were groundbreaking at the time. If you know anything about the making of the Star Wars films- you know that the studio didn’t really get the movie, they thought it was just some space film – a kid’s movie. Star Wars- especially A New Hope wasn’t just made, it was built. That’s what’s so awesome about it. If George wanted something that didn’t exist in this world, he had to have it built. It had to be created, so there’s something really visceral about it- and earthy.
I think all the sets of films have their own aesthetic. The old trilogy was earthy and stark, and contrasted- the Empire having almost sterile, mass-produced buildings, ships, armor, weapons, and clothing. You also have the Rebels in their earth-toned clothes and dirty ships, and worn flight suits…
In the prequels, everything looks shiny and new. Everything is crafted exquisitely- especially in 1 and 2 where the Republic is concerned… but then towards the end of 2, and into 3- you have a bit of that Empire aesthetic creeping in, showing the decay of civilization and freedom, and style.
We only officially have The Force Awakens in the new trilogy so far, but as far as the Resistance- they are holding on by a thread. Everyone sort of looks tired and beaten, using classic trilogy-era ships because that seems to be all they have. The First Order has that clean, sterile environment- with the one added element of Starkiller Base being crafted out of a planet. We see juts of rock every-so-often in the halls or coming out of the ceiling. We get the sense that the Resistance has sucked the life from the world they have inhabited similar to a vampire in an old horror film.
All of this has a meaning. And I think that the first three films resonate because of that.
I find it funny that before A New Hope even came out, it already had a sort of cult following! There was a buzz about this movie, and people were drawn to it when it came out. Folks lined the blocks to see this film and were blown away by it.
The Star Wars Classic Trilogy acts as my “comfort food” when I need something good in a world that sometimes sucks.
Wrapping this up- I have really enjoyed sort of cataloguing my thoughts on the 7 episodes and 1 stand-alone film. If you wonder why I haven’t covered any of the TV series’ such as Clone Wars or Rebels, it’s because I’ve never seen them. People might gasp at that, but whatever. I’m really not a big cartoon fan. I like a few animated Disney films- especially the ones from the early 90s, but I am not drawn to cartoons. That could be because most other movies or shows I’ve seen all my life were live-action… I don’t remember really watching cartoons as a kid. That being said, I will probably stream them on Netflix or buy them in a DVD set if there is one… and probably just binge watch them just to say I’ve seen them, and to learn any of the secrets they can tell us about the Galaxy Far, Far, Away…
I might spend the next day typing some content, but if you don’t hear from me for a few days, don’t be alarmed… I’m just recouping from this extremely stressful week. (Which I won’t bore you with by explaining.)

Anyway, if you have enjoyed these or want to talk about anything Star Wars related- let me know! You can also follow me on Twitter or find me on Facebook. I’m also on Instagram.



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