Cindy Says: Let's Brainstorm

Sometimes reluctant romances are a lot of fun.

OK, so I am not the kind of person who has a lot of friends. I’m also not social at all…

I’m an INFP in Myers-Briggs

One of my characters is named Hailey and she has parents who have been quite brutal in their psychological damage to her and her younger sister, Rebecca. Because of that, and because of some bullying; Hailey is scared of people. She refuses to do any more social stuff than absolutely necessary.

One day, Hailey meets this super good-looking guy and he treats her really great. However, she is so damaged that she keeps pushing him away. At first, the guy (Kevin) is just going to let it be, but he learns she has horrible parents and that’s why she “hates people”/ doesn’t trust them.

Hailey’s Type

I think Hailey is an INTP, so she likes logic…

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