Theories About Episode 9 (Potential Spoilers Obviously)

Cindy Says: Let's Brainstorm

So, before we start, I want to say Happy Easter to you all!

Palpatine from Revenge of the Sith

So, one of my main things with the trailer was that in some way, shape or form, Palpatine is going to be making some sort of an appearance.

While I’m hoping they aren’t retconning or changing the fact that he “died” in ROTJ because we already have Darth Maul “dying” in TPM and then being revealed to be alive and kind of nuts in Clone Wars. I’m sorry. He should have been dead. I realize that he’s a cool character and all, but he should have died. Usually when you get cut in half and fall down a big old shaft- you don’t live through that. I realize Palpatine, like Maul has the Force and sometimes, that can make them do insane things, but they were both seemingly “surprised” by their…

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